Treatments without compromise done by a medical team specialized in all dentistry areas. We want to assure you that your dental health is well taken care by doctors highly trained and international certified, diagnosticians with a extensive expertize in successfully treated complexe cases.

Prevention and personalized solutions. All our doctors have a preventive approach on your smile's health, and every solution and dental treatment alternative offered to patients is personalized, multidisciplinary evaluated and validated by digital clinical investigations. The purpose of the DENT ESTET team is to offer each patient medical solutions adapted to his needs and desire.

One team dedicated to your dental health. All-In-One clinic. The real advantage of a medical team with carefully selected doctors is to offer patients integrated dental treatments. Our doctors are experts with over 20 years of medical practice in orthodontics, implantology, esthetic and dental prosthetics, periodontology and caries therapy.  

The member quality in international dental associations help us stay connected to the innovations and to offer patients modern treatments with proved success. 


Cele 15 clinici DENT ESTET din țară îți pun la dispoziție servicii stomatologice la standarde internaționale, oferite de către o echipă multidisciplinară, formată de peste 155 de medici specialiști în toate ramurile medicinei dentare și certificați în Europa și SUA.