* Excellence in dentistry should be understood in terms of continuous investments and digital revolution *

Dr. Oana Taban, CEO and founder of Dent Estet, spoke about the newest clinic, Dent Estet Primaverii, which officially became the largest digital dental center in Romania. The story of Dent Estet began 18 years ago and Dr. Oana Taban revealed the most important decisions that led to the development of the group; decisions that still help Dent Estet to maintain its leading position in the dental market in our country.

1.           Dent Estet enjoys numerous accreditations and an international certified team. What are the benefits of these credentials and certifications?

All of these international accreditations and certifications are due to the fact that we have introduced in Romania internationally recognized technologies, treatment techniques, procedures and systems approved by the world’s leading universities. Dent Estet’s continuous effort refers to updating its services portfolio with the innovations in the US market.

As I have said many times before, we wanted to offer high-quality services from the beginning and every day we respect this promise made to our patients. The big advantage is that we offer the same services as any clinic in Western Europe or the United States. We have secure techniques, precise treatments, technologies that bring patients a greater degree of comfort, and an internationally prepared medical team. Many of our doctors are specialists trained abroad and are members of the international communities of implantology, orthodontics, dental aesthetics etc..

2.           Dent Estet received nearly 10 years ago the ISO 9001: 2008 certification from The Germanischer Lloyd Certification GmbH, Hamburg. How has this contributed to the development of the group of clinics?

We are the first clinic in Romania to receive this certification which represents an international recognition of the management system we have implemented and which has helped us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors on the dental services market in Romania.

An efficient and internationally recognized management system has contributed decisively to our development direction and has helped us strengthen our business and leadership position in the dental field in Romania. We were the first in the country to have fulfilled all the required conditions and we know that we would’n have got so far without am efficient management system focused on the needs of our patients. This were, also, some of the most important aspects analyzed by MedLife before welcoming us into it’s family.

3.           An important part of your medical team is grouped in several specialized divisions. You have the Implant Division, the Aesthetic Dentistry Division and the Advanced Orthodontic Division. Why did you feel the need to evolve in this direction?

We were the first in Romania to implement this American model, and we made this decision to succeed in forming a team of really great, specialized dentists. Each doctor continues his development according to his specialization, and we constantly invest in these divisions, especially in the courses for innovative techniques and equipments.

What is important to remember is that getting an accreditation as Excellence Center does not mean anything for patients if you do not invest consistently in your medical team, equipment and innovative materials that can sometimes guarantee the success or the failure of the treatment in the long run.

4.           With regard to technology, Dent Estet recently opened the first digital dental clinic in our country. What technologies are we talking about in the new headquarters and what do digital treatments mean?

Dent Estet Primaverii is the largest fully digitized dental clinic in Romania and, also, the largest Planmeca digital center in our country. Our merits have been recognized by Mr. Heikki Kyostila, CEO and founder of Planmeca Oy.

We invested in technologies that have the role of contributing to 100% safe an accurate treatments, but also of increasing the comfort of our patients. We have recently introduced the Waterlase laser that has a very high accuracy and reduces the discomfort associated with the some of the dental procedures. We also have PRGF that helps to heal much faster and significantly reduce pain during surgery. CBCT and Oral Cancer Screening are two technologies in which we have invested because the medical team must present a clear and safe diagnosis.

There are many technologies that have revolutionized today’s dentistry, with many benefits: safety, precision, lifetime warranty, cost reduction, time reduction for doctor and patient, pain relief, fast healing etc. And we feel that here, at Dent Estet, we have an obligation to constantly invest in the best technologies. We see this as a commitment to the patients who trusted us to be their first choice when it comes to dental health.